Alice Blouse

$44.95 AUD

Colour: Cream, Pink 

Featuring double scallop collar with lovely colours.
This can be worn front and back both way and easy to match with any pants and skirts.

- Cotton 100% Washed


Available Sizes :

Baby: S(6-12M), M(12-18M)


Mark Size Height Weight Age
3(XS) 80cm ~12kg 1-2y
5(S) 85~95cm 12~14kg 2-3y
7(M) 95~105cm 15~17kg 4-5y
9(L) 105~115cm 17~20kg 5-6y
11(XL) 115~125cm 20~22kg 6-7y


96cm, 13.5kg, wearing Size 5(2-3y)
Twin 73.5cm, 9kg, Wearing Size M(12-18M)

Ethically made with love in Korea.

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