Brick Check Shorts 3 Colours

$14.95 AUD $44.95 AUD

Colour Options: Beige, Blue, Khaki

Vintage Check pattern shorts for boys and girls. Unisex.

Featuring half length and vintage check pattern with big pockets.  The bottom can be rolled up for a stylish look. Dress up nicely in a half length, roll up for cute look.

Very easy to coordinate with any summer top.


Size Guide

Size Height Weight Age
S 90-100cm 10-14kg 2-3 yrs
M 100-108cm 14-17kg 4-5 yrs
L 108-115cm 17-20kg 5-6 yrs
XL 115-125cm 20-23kg 6-7 yrs


Washed Cotton

Available Sizes :  S 2-3yrs/ M 4-5yrs/ L 5-6yrs/ XL 6-7yrs


Model : 

Boy 113cm/ 17kg/ 7years old/ Wearing Size L

Girl 110cm/18kg/7yearsold/ Wearing Size L

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