Wood Corduroy Wide Pants

$19.95 AUD $49.95 AUD

Colour : Borwn

Wide corduroy pants with cute ankle length. The fitting is very comfortable and easy to wear. Model worn one size down for more cute short length.

 Available Sizes :  XS 1-2yrs, S 2-3yrs, M 3-4yrs, L 5-6yrs, XL 6-7yrs

Recommend Size

Size Age Height Weight
XS 1-2 Y 78-85cm 10 kg
S 2-3 Y 85-95cm 10-15 kg
M 3-4 Y 95-105cm 15-17 kg
L 5-6 Y 105-115cm 17-20kg
XL 6-7 Y 115-125cm 20-25 kg

Cotton 100%

5yrs, 104cm, 16kg, wearing size M


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