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The baby needs to be as comfortable as possible when put to bed. Of course, the infant cannot tell us how s/he feels, so we must look at their behaviour and how we feel about the present temperature. Then we can dress the baby accordingly. If we are hot the baby will feel this too, so we must dress the baby accordingly, and have clothes for this. 

Dress the baby as you would dress yourself – comfortably warm, not too hot or cold.

In warmer weather you can use onesies without arms or legs. Many parents are successful with a singlet and nappy.

In cold weather you can try a full body suit to keep the infant body warm.

Look at the TOG rating of clothing. This is the Thermal Overall Grade. A higher grade means warmer clothing. So use the higher TOG in colder weather. 

The baby’s stomach should feel warm. It is normal for the hands and feet to be a little cooler. If they show signs of heat, clammy skin, or flushed appearance, then remove a layer of clothing or bedding. This may have caused some dehydration, so offer fluids to compensate.

Sleep Position

Advice has changed over the past few generations. We were once told to put babies to sleep on their stomach. This unfortunate advice caused serious breathing problems. The latter advice to put babies to sleep on their back has largely prevented this issue. Further advice is to remove head coverings, so the head and face are always uncovered in bed. This is because the face and heads are used predominantly by the infant to regulate temperature. 

On temperature, there seems to be no real issue with different room temperatures, so long as the baby is dressed warmly for colder days and dressed in cooler clothing for hotter days. Use blankets that are firmly tucked in so the infant cannot accidently wiggle under the covers. The feet should be at the bottom of the cot, the head kept above the top of the sheets/blanket.

Use lightweight sheets and blankets. Muslin or cotton are good options. Avoid soft, heavy fabrics like wool which tend to cause overheating.

A fan is fine for cooling the room, but place it on the other side of the room to the infant’s bed, and do not let it blow directly on the child.

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