We offer the sizes mainly from 3mths to 8 years 

As all the labels we stock vary slightly in size, we are only able to offer a general sizing chart. 

Please refer for the reference size in each product.

Size(Aisa Size)
US/EU size 
0-6mths  70(XS)  0-6mths  55-65cm  3-7kg 
6-12mths  80(S)  6-12mths  65-75cm  8-10kg 
12-18mths  90(M)  12-18mths  75-82cm  10-12kg 
1-2 years  90(XS)  2T  80-90cms  12-13Kg 
2-3 years  3T  90-100cms  12-14Kg 
3-4 years  4T  100-105cms  14-17Kg 
4-6 years  5T / 6T  105-110cms  17-18Kg 
5-6 years  XL  7T  110-115cms  18-19Kg 
7-8years  XXL  8T  115-125cms  20-23Kg