Organza Frill Socks & Knee Socks Set_Cream

$22.95 AUD

Colour : Cream

This set includes socks and knee socks with glitter accents and organza frills to add a stylish touch.

The knee socks feature a wide lace design for a rich and voluminous look, while the socks have lace that extends upwards, allowing for various styling options by folding or unfolding them.

Available Sizes :

Baby (6M) Anti-Slip Silicone◎
1 (1-2yrs) Anti-Slip Silicone◎
2 (2-3yrs) Anti-Slip Silicone◎
3 (4-5yrs)
4 (6-7yrs)
5 (8-9yrs)

Made in South Korea.

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