Baby Shower Advice

Baby Showers and Baby Wear Australia

Different people have different feelings about baby showers. Some love the occasion. Some tear their hair out trying to think of an appropriate gift. Perhaps it is possible to feel both ways - We look forward to the party, but worry about the gift etiquette. Some advice might help.

Avoid anything that really needs to be grown into. One size bigger is fine. But avoid anything that 'should be right this time next year'. Parents find that storing clothes for any period of time is time and space-consuming.

Hard to clean, or dry clean only items are a huge inconvenience for parents. Luckily most baby wear made today is designed to be easy to clean. But try to avoid being the exception to the rule. For an older child a formal jacket might be dry clean only, but not for infants.

Summer ware in winter, or winter ware in summer. Again, the child will have outgrown the clothes in 6 months, so next season’s clothes will be too small, and probably never worn.

Personalized gifts are tricky. We cannot put a child's name on the front of a shirt, because kidnappers use this to trick the child. And we may not know the child's name, or worse yet misspell it!. A monogrammed bib or towel might work, but consider other items.

Vintage or used items often don't work. If it's a family heirloom it might be alright, but second hand items often seem cheap.

Avoid anything from a dollar store or reject shop. Not only are they of dubious cheap quality, but they will also ignore safety regulations.

Good Baby Wear Australia

Children's clothing is designed to be safe for the child and convenient for the parent. This convenience means clothes that are easy to wash, and easy to put on the child. By buying from reputable brands you ensure quality clothing that lives up to these sensible standards.