Infant Clothing Advice

Putting On Baby Wear Australia

To dress the baby - Support the infant on your lap, remembering that support to the head is vital. Stretch the clothing's neckline and pull it over the baby's head. Make sure not to let it catch on the ears or nose.

When getting the child's arms through the sleeves, it is easier to pull them through than push. So put your hand through the outside of the child's sleeve, grab their hand, and pull it clearly though through the sleeve.

Undressing - While supporting the baby's neck and back, take the sleeves off the arms. Then stretch the neckline and lift it over the baby's head.

Tips for Baby Wear Australia

If the weather is under 24 Celsius, the baby will need extra clothes to keep warm. We recommend an undershirt and a diaper underneath, with pajamas or a dressing gown on top. Then wrap the child in a blanket.

If the weather is over 24 Celsius, a single layer of clothing may be fine for the infant child.

Having the baby wear one more layer than you do in any particular situation is a reasonable starting point.

Useful Features for Baby Wear Australia

Snap clasps or zips on the front or back of tops makes dressing easier.

Snap clasps or zips on the side legs of pants make dressing easier.

Loose sleeves make dressing easier.

Stretchy fabric makes dressing easier.

Avoid ribbons or strings on clothing. These are easily caught and are a choking hazard.