Considerations for Baby Wear in Australia

Some experiences are common to most people, yet they are still new to the individual who encounters them. Every family started with a first child, and every first time parent tended to have the same misconceptions and make the same mistakes. Sometimes a little advice from others who were in the same situation can make all the difference.

Many young parents think they need to stock up on baby and children's clothes. But this good intention is misplaced. Children grow very quickly. And while adults can buy clothes for themselves to use when they are older they cannot buy too much for children, who outgrow clothes before they get much wear. It is best to buy a small number of quality outfits for a child, and replace them as the baby grows. These same outfits can later be used for a second child.

  • Cost - The clothes will only be worn for a short period. So go for quality over quantity.
  • Ease of cleaning - Babies and infants get dirty. Have things that are easy to put through the laundry, with nothing that comes off in the wash.
  • Unoffencive - Go for neutral words, the seemingly clever slogan will not seem funny after the first day. Stick with cartoons, funny animals and toy images.
  • Reusable - Some outfits will suit many occasions, so these will be worn more often. Formal occasional will be rare, so only have one 'good Sunday suit'.
  • Avoid anything tight, the child need to move once it can crawl and walk.
  • When they are toddler they will need to be able to do up shirts and jackets. Look for easy buttons or Velcro.
  • Nostalgia - Today's society discourages hoarding, because we end to have too much stuff at the best of time. But if you do want to hold on to keepsakes, then a smaller number of clothes for children will make it easier.

Find the right babywear in Australia that are functional and attractive. Help your kids look and feel great.