Baby Wear Advice

Baby Wear Australia Early Advice

The first time parent needs to quickly learn a lot about the new child. Nobody pretends to know everything here; even older parents frequently change their minds. Nonetheless, we can give some general information and advice about children's clothing. Sometimes it's just good to read about other people, other parents, who experience a similar situation.

Sizes Baby Wear Australia

000 is for newborn babies, up to 3 months. 00 is intended for babies between 3 and 6 months. Of course the 'one size fits all' idea doesn't apply here; new babies can be large or small. Some newborns go straight to the larger size. 

Another factor to consider is that sizes are not consistent between different manufacturers. This has become more of a nuisance in the internet age, because we cannot try on the item we see online as we can in an actual store. It helps if the information about the item shows the measurements (waist, shoulders ... etc. in centimetres). Foreign websites tend to have different clothing size systems than Australia, so be careful. The clothing itself might be quite good, but it is wasted if you order the wrong size.

Baby Wear Australia Minimal Needs

You will need several changes of clothes for a child, but you need to remember that the child will outgrow the clothes very quickly. So we don't want to buy items only to find that they hardly get worn. We suggest the following.

  • About 6 singlets - enough for half the week. These are quite cheap.
  • about 6 jumpsuits - enough for half the week.
  • two sets of pyjamas.
  • three tops.
  • One good jacket/cardigan. Wait till winter before buying the appropriate size.
  • A few cotton and terry towelling hats.
  • A few pairs of socks.
  • One good formal outfit when the child is a little older.

Requirements for Baby Wear Australia

  • Clothes should be soft, comfortable and slightly loose. Tightness will cause irritation, looseness is a safety issue.
  • Jumpsuit that fastened at the front ate conveniently.
  • Velcro, larger zips or large claps are the best options.
  • Avoid buttons, drawstrings or anything that can be swallowed or might be a choking hazard.
  • Large neck shirts are easier to get on.
  • Cotton is always a good choice. It is cool in summer and easy to wash.
  • Low fire hazard clothing is essential.

Dress the child in layers. You can add or remove a layer as the day changes to keep the child warm, but not hot.

Baby Wear Australia

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