Baby Wear Basics

Advice on Baby Wear in Australia

It is one of the joys of life to watch babies grow. And they grow so quickly, mentally and physically. The downside to this is the outgrowing. Clothes and accessories are outgrown at an alarming rate, which is disheartening as that favourite outfit soon becomes too small. All the worse if we make the common first parent mistake and stock up on baby clothes, only to find they never get worn at all.

Sizes and Baby Wear in Australia

There are roughly three sizes, corresponding to three age groups, of baby clothes - Infants, Babies and Toddlers. An Infant is under 6 months. A Baby is between 6 months and a year. Toddlers are older than a year, and walking.

Sometimes clothing sizes are given in a baby's age (in months) rather than physical size. This can be a little confusing. And this method is obviously limited because different babies grow at different rates. When the child is firstborn their size is often known by their length and weight. But this type of measurement is soon abandoned, at least till the child is partially grown and no longer a baby. So in the end we need a physical size for the appropriate clothing.

If Baby Wear is Too Small

If clothing is too small for the baby there will be problems. There can be rashes, irritation, digestive issues, or a baby that simply gets frustrated because the clothes feel confined.

  • Are the lines on the baby skin where elastic or fasteners show.
  • The belly is often exposed because the shirt rolls up.
  • You cannot roll up sleeves without cutting off circulation.
  • The fasteners keep coming open.
  • The child cannot more freely
  • The baby always cries when being dressed (the all cry sometimes)

If you experience these issue then it is time to put the old clothes away, heart-breaking as this can be. Either they become hand-me-downs, or they are donated to friends and relatives.

Given the fast rate that the baby will grow we need to plan ahead and buy clothes that are a size or two larger. If we buy for their current size the baby will outgrow the clothes in two weeks.

So to sum up - Buy a small number of baby outfits that are one or two sizes larger than the baby's present size. Enough clothes for a week is plenty.

Baby Wear Australia

Add to the joy brought by the new child with some adorable clothing. A 'Mummy and me outfit' is one of many options.