Mother and Daughter Matching Clothes

Mommy and Me Matching Clothes

The mini-me trope has now been around for over 20 years. It is idea of having an adult and child dressed to look like twins of different sizes, or at least of having a small version of an adult character. The original film showed how cute this could be, even if the characters were not especially attractive. It is much cuter when done with a mother and daughter.

More than a few female celebrities have made a public appearance or two dressed in the same manner as their daughter. This probably gives the Paparazzi a good photo opportunity. Hopefully it also gives the mother and daughter a sense of connection, even if it is just being playful.

There is a limited period of time during which we can dress the child as we wish. And an even more limited period when we might dress them in the same style as ourselves. As a baby they wear diapers and functional clothing. It is only when they are a toddler that we might put them in a style of dress or suit that we could wear ourselves. Once they get a little older than this they start finding their own clothes, and try to wear the same favourite cartoon T-shirt every day of the week. So we can do the matching outfit trope when they are in pre-school, and maybe again when they early teens and start to become fashion conscious.

The matching outfits made for mother and daughter might be exactly identical, just in different sizes. Or they might be similar in that they use the same fabric pattern. We might vary this further by having the same dress for both parent and child, but in complementary colours. We can occasionally have a boy and his mother in matching styles if the boy's shirt is the same material as the mother's outfit.

Mommy and Me Matching Clothes - Formal or Casual

Of course the matching outfits need not be formal. There are light frocks with the 'mummy and me outfit' concept. There are also some swavey looking formal wear. Perhaps our favourite is the idea of matching pyjamas. We have also seen ballet costumes and

The matching outfits will not always be a single item. There are accessories like sun hats, headbands, scarfs, and even handbags. We think that even a parent and child wearing matching hats has a certain appeal.

Mother and daughter dressed alike? Be a little playful with a matching mummy and me outfit. Dress casual or formal.