General Kids Clothing Advice?

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Children are expensive to raise. And their clothing is a significant part of this cost. The main problem here is that the children grow so quickly, so the clothing is outgrown before it is outworn. We can avoid this being too much an issue if we practice a few good spending habits. Buy Classic Basic Clothing - This is advice from fashion magazines, but it applies to children as well. Basic jeans, a good jacket, a sweater ... These will be worn on a regular basis. The same pair of jeans will match many T-shirts and tops. One good jacket lasts all winter. But a size larger for immediate wear, and put off buying anything for next year. It is tempting to buy winter clothes during a spring sale, but these discount items may not fit the child by next winter. If the clothing is too large it can be dangerous for a child, who may easily trip. Gender neutral - While gender roles aren't as strict as they once were there are still limits. Boys might sometimes wear a pink T-shirt under a jacket, but they won't wear a skirt. Girls, by contrast, will wear most boy clothes. So some clothes in navy, cream, white, red, and other basic colours can be worn by both genders. This means clothes can be passed onto other children and receive more use. Look after clothes - There will be washing instructions. Follow these and the clothes will last longer. Treat any spills or stains promptly, to prevent them being permanent. Repair - It is too easy to put aside the item if there is a lost button, and then forget about it. Learn to do basic repairs, and get them done straight away. School Uniform - Many schools will have a way to sell second hand uniforms. This will save money, and there tend to be a reasonable number of uniforms in middle sizes, and an abundance of smaller sizes that others have outgrown. Don't buy shoes until the child can walk. Shoes that are even slightly tight will damage feet, and even well fitting shoes seem to delay walking.