Suggestions for Baby Clothing


A baby only requires the same type of covering when they sleep as an adult, the exception being that they should have feet and perhaps hands covered. Knitted gowns with mittens are a good option. So are pyjama pants with feet, because socks can get kicked off during the night. These types of clothes will be warm even if the blankets come off during the night. Children's sleepwear should be flame retardant.


Play Clothes

For indoors, stretch play suits or diaper-shirt sets for babies. Toddlers can wear coveralls or overalls as long as they can be removed when using the bathroom. For outdoors, toddlers can wear shorts, tops or the overalls used inside. Have sweaters that open at the front for winter. Brightly coloured garments, yellow or red, are high visibility. These are a little safer as the child can be seen more easily.



Bibs make feeding a child easier. Ideally they should be cloth on the front and plastic on the back. This absorbs food and liquid spills, but prevents them from getting on the clothing underneath. A large pocket on the base of the bib will catch most falling food.


Formal Occasions

What parent doesn't want to show off their child a little bit. We may not have too many occasions for this, so parents may use any excuse to dress the child up. Don't go overboard on dress up clothing. The child will grow so quickly that the garment will only be worn a few times before it becomes too small. Avoid stiff fabrics and anything that might scratch a child's skin. More formal cloths may prove uncomfortable for a child. And remember that dressing up will not really change the child's behaviour.


Baby Clothes Online

Dress the baby in comfort and style. Order children's clothes online that you will be proud of. Consider matching outfits for siblings.