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Every child is unique, but all children will grow up one way or another, albeit at different rates. No child can be expected to cooperate too much when parent try to dress them. They are more than likely to get undressed again when our back is turned. But a few children do enjoy clothing, and there is some sense of connection with a child when we help them to dress.

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Physical development and coordination varies greatly between children. But it tends to initially be quite rapid, with a child gaining a lot of height and weight in the first year. This means that a lot of clothing is quickly outgrown, even if it was initially a size too big. So at this stage we should keep the number of clothes bought to a minimum. The best option is a small number of good quality items that can be washed and worn at least once, perhaps twice per week. This prevents a situation where clothes are outgrown before they are really worn.

Guide for Baby Clothes Online

Almost one year - Will extend arms and legs when being dressed by another. Year and a half - Removes socks and gloves. Can undo zippers. 2 years - Helps put arms in sleeves and legs in pants. Can remove some untied or Velcro shoes. 3 years - Can dress with supervision/assistance but clothes may be on backwards. 4 years - Can dress, but needs inspection to catch any mistakes. May struggle with small button and details. 5 years - Can mostly dress themselves. May need to told to dress warm or choose summer wear.

Things to Avoid

- Clothing that is too hot - cotton allows the clothes to breathe. - Anything too restricting. This includes tight necklines, armholes or tight elastic. - Irritating or course material. - Small button or items that are a choking hazard. - Drawstrings that are a chocking hazard. - Any sharp edges.

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Dress the children in comfort and style. Order baby clothes online that you will be proud to have on your children.