What Should Look For With Kids Clothing?

Children are tiny, but they make great demands on us. What they will wear is part of the demand. It is the parents who initially decide what to buy for the child's clothing. Yet at the same time the child can often be demanding, and refuse to wear an item of clothing that they don't like. A child will simply discard clothes that they feel are uncomfortable, with no thought for cost or consequence. So we need to buy items that the child will stick with. These should be functional and pleasing to look at.

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Spend extra to buy quality clothing rather than quantity. Parents don't realise at first that the child will grow very quickly. It is a mistake to buy a lot of clothes, because the child will quickly outgrow them before they are worn more than once or twice. Instead, buy a small number of good quality clothes. Enough clothes for a week is quite enough. And have one outfit for formal occasions.

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Buy from reputable online dealers, and stay with sellers in your country. Overseas dealer might have some good items, but they clothing sizes might work on a different system. It is too easy to end up with an item from overseas that is the wrong size, which is a disappointing waste. It is okay to listen to children's opinions on their clothing. They are more likely to wear the item if they like it, and if they (help) choose it themselves. Show the child some appropriate clothing items and ask them to pick the two they like. Comfort is important. Make sure nothing is ever too tight. But obviously too loose is an issue as well. The old advice was to buy clothing a size larger so the child can grow into it. This is a reasonable practice. But the item cannot be too large.

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