Labelling Kids Clothing?

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When we only have one very young child it is easy to keep track of the clothing. There are many difficulties on looking after a first child, but sibling rivalry and lost clothing aren't really an issue. It is only when we send the first child to daycare and have a second child at home that these issues appear. Putting labels on clothing will help with at least one of these problems.

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Have a drawer and perhaps a section of the cupboard for the clothes that will be worn to daycare. These all need to be labelled. This includes gloves, coats, hats, swimwear, and sunglasses. The child will take all of these off at some point and leave them in a locker or car backseat. Labels help prevent confusion so the lost items can be recovered. As the child grows, as more items are added to the wardrobe, label each. Change the label on older items if they are handed down to other children. A much as possible, put the label on the same place on each item. On shirts, jackets, singlets and tops this is on the inside back of the collar. On trousers, shorts, skirts, underwear this is on the back inside seam. Make sure the child knows where the label is located. Check to see that the label is there when the clothes are washed. You can label with a permanent marker pen, or with a sow on cloth label. Sow on labels will last much longer, where marker pens tend to fade after being washed. Iron-on labels are another option. These seem to last, and are better it you cannot otherwise avoid stitches appearing through the outside of the clothing.

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