How Do I Get Kids Dressed?

With both parent often working it can be hard to find time for family. Even seemingly mundane tasks like children getting dressed seem to eat in to the limited time we have. So it helps if we can train the child to do at least some of this themselves.

Children are all potential and no experience. But they often like to do physical activities, and a physical activity may inadvertently teach them something. Getting dressed can be a chore, but it might alternately be a fun activity, seen as dressing up.

  • Lay out the garments for the child the night before. This saves some time in the morning.
  • Teach the child to put on sleep ware/pyjamas. This is the easiest clothing for the child. And they often like sleep ware that features their favourite images. This is a step that helps them learn to put on more complex clothes.
  • Divide clothing in the child's wardrobe into categories. Weekend ware, weekday ware, special occasion ware. The child will eventual pick up the distinction.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes. Children need to be able to move freely. They might be tempted to take off any clothing that is restrictive.
  • Large buttons, Velcro and simple large zips are easier for children to manage. Avoid anything small and detachable that might be a choking risk.
  • A jacket for the cold and a hat for the Sun are easy to add. And they make any clothes acceptable for sunny or hot weather.

Clothing is an essential part of our lives. Teaching children to dress themselves, to take some responsibility, and to enjoy how they look, is part of their development, Try to enjoy the bonding with the child as you teach them how to dress.

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Children's clothing needs to be safe and easy to wear. But it can also make the kids look great.