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It helps to have clothing that children can put on themselves. This encourages independence. Obviously a newborn cannot be expected to do anything without adult help. But a child who is attending Play centres can start to learn some basic life skills, starting with how they dress.

Young children find belts, braces, small buttons and zips rather frustrating. This is especially important when they need to use the bathroom. So it helps if the child has clothing that suits their still developing skills.

 - Make sure clothing is not tight. Children react poorly to restriction, anything that inhibits movement, and they grow quickly.

- Larger buttons or clasps are preferable. Children's fingers can use larger buttons.

- Velcro works well for some jackets and pants.

- Zippers with large pull rings can work.

- Easy access pockets

- Large neck openings are preferable.

- Elastic waistlines for pants are easier than belts or buttons.

- Mittens and caps are good for cold weather. Gloves are a little awkward.

- Avoid irritating fabrics. Go for something smooth and soft.

Have different clothes for formal wear and play. Clothes for play need to be reasonably rugged, and they will get dirty, so have something suitable. Formal wear will only be needed occasionally. One or two outfits is often enough.

Temperature is important. Cotton works for mild to warm temperatures, being absorbent and cool. Add a jacket and accessories for winter.

Put the child's name on all clothing.

Things to avoid:

- Drawstrings can get caught and are a strangling hazard.

- Avoid anything that can cause tripping.

- No loose buttons or other items that might be swallowed.

- No sharp edges or pins.

- Avoid any flammable materials.

Kidswear Online Australia

A few good quality outfits will make your child look cute as a button. Have a few outfits for playtime, and perhaps one for formal occasions.

If you know your child's size it is easy to order clothes online.