Kids Fashion

Of course a young child cannot dress themselves. And even when they reach the age where they can physically put on the items of clothing they cannot be expected to make sensible choices about what to wear. So Parents and relatives must make the clothing decisions for them.

 Things to consider:

 Growth - Children grow faster than we might expect. A child can easily grow 10 inches taller in their first year. So this unfortunately means that they will outgrow any clothing quite quickly. So anything we buy them will be for short term use only, soon to be passed onto another child.

Of course this means we should not compromise on quality. We want the clothing to be durable. Best to buy a small number of items in these small sizes, knowing it will be outgrown in 6 to 12 months. Enough clothing to last a week (after which it is washed) should be fine.

Easy dressing - Children may or may not cooperate when being dressed, though they can hardly be expected to enjoy the process. So items that are quick and easy to use are preferable.

  • Avoid items with too many zippers or buttons. One zip with a large pull ring or one small set of large buttons is fine.
  • Pullover items can be awkward, but if they are open at the shoulder and easy to slide on they should be okay. We have to fit their little arms into the sleeves.
  • Pants with elastic are easier than belts. These pants will often be held up by the young child's diaper. One pair of pants with a belt for formal occasions is fine.
  • Easy to identify front and back makes clothing easier, so it isn't put on backwards.
  • A few large pockets are fine, large enough for the child's hands.
  • Avoid anything that might cause the child to trip, or anything that might catch on doors.
  • A semi-loose jacket to be added for cold weather is useful.

Comfort - an uncomfortable child will be irritable. Obviously we wish to avoid this.

  • Don't let the child get too hot in the clothing. Warm but ventilated is good. Cotton is a safe option.
  • Children will not like restrictive clothing, so avoid anything too tight, including things that they quickly outgrow.
  • Irritating textures, like scratchy fabrics, or a harsh seam, or a label, will aggravate the child. Cotton is easiest on skin.

 Safety -

  • Draw-stings are a choking hazard, so avoid these.
  • Some buttons might be swallowed.
  • Decorations like pom-poms can be a choking hazard.
  • Velcro fasteners are a good, safe option.
  • Bright colours help make the child easy to see.

Kidswear & Babywear Online

If you have the child's size then it is easy to order clothing online. Enjoy the parenting process with clothes that look cute, and are also warm and safe.