The Kidswear Wardrobe

Parents have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. It seems to be more difficult today when both parents are working. The numerous tasks can be made easier if we have good time management, find efficient methods, practice delegation, train children into taking responsibility where possible, and when we find we do enjoy at least some of the things we do. Life is also easier when we have something to show for our efforts.

Children’s clothing is one important aspect of being a parent. This is one of those things that people tend to underestimate at first. When we look after our own clothing we tend to enjoy the fashion aspect of the clothes. Or at least we are aware of the practical aspects of getting dressed. But it’s different when we are looking after somebody else. We don’t know how the clothes feel on the child's body, and may not initially notice if they are too hot or cold. We might not be aware that some zips and buttons are unsafe. And it is easy to forget how difficult it is for an infant to use the bathroom, especially when their young fingers cannot undo the clasps.

Wardrobe Advice - Kidswear Online Australia

It helps to get the drawers, closets and clothing well organized.

  • Go through all the clothes and sort out what stays and what goes.
  • Outgrown clothes can be put aside for younger siblings, or donated to charity.
  • Anything clothes too large can be put in storage, temporarily.
  • Warm clothes not needed till next winter can be put in a bottom drawer.
  • Find any matching sets of outfits and store them together.
  • Any formal clothes or designer outfits can be put in their own section.
  • Have smaller storage boxes in the drawers, or partitions, to separate socks, underwear, handkerchiefs and other items.
  • Have a section for shoes
  • Belts, scarves and similar items can be stored behind closet doors.

Layout the child’s clothes the night before, and teach them to (at least partially) dress themselves as soon as they are ready.

Keep children’s clothing to a minimum amount. They will almost always outgrow it before they outwear it, so don’t stock up on extra outfit items as they often never get used.