Picking Kids wear Online Australia

Choosing clothes for new-borns and young children can be a little confusing especially for first time parents. Like most matters in life it is easier once we have already done it. But even then we have conflicting needs; how do make children feel comfortable, have clothing that is safe, have something that can withstand rough play and dirt, and yet cater to the fact that we want the children to look neat and tidy?

Perhaps it is best to prioritise comfort, functionality and safety of the children's clothing over the parental vanity. The children want to explore and have fun, and need the clothing that handles this. But on occasion we can still dress them up for formal events.

Ergonomics - This (with regard to clothing) is how well the clothing allows the child to more freely.

Comfort - If the clothing is uncomfortable the child will take it off, usually without thinking about it, usually when you are not looking. Find what the child likes to wear.

Breathable fabrics - This is a factor in comfort. Cotton and wool work well. But anything no breathable will feel hot and damp. About the only exception is a raincoat.

Balance everyday clothing with formal clothes. You will probably not be at as many formal events as you anticipate. So buy more clothes for normal daily wear, and one or two sets of clothes for formal wear.

Shoes - A child's feet are still forming. So they need the shoes that help the feet to develop correctly. This cannot be overemphasised. Poor fitting shoes can lead to flat arches and other issues that persist throughout life.

Weather considerations - We adults know to dress for the weather, but children do not. They just know if they are cold or hot. So this is one of many areas where they need assistance. A warm jacket is often enough to turn a warm weather outfit into a cool evening outfit.