Kids Clothing Advice

Monbebe Australia

Children are a little funny with clothing. Sometimes they like to dress up. At other times they make a fuss about some aspect of the clothing that we hardly noticed. This can be a problem if the refuse to wear an item of clothing, or discard it when we are not looking. So we should look at the best way to dress a child, keeping them happy with the end result.

Do spend more on quality clothing - A few good items are better than many cheap items. The quality items will look better, last longer, and perform their desired function. Coats will be warm, hats will prevent sunburn, summer cloths will be better for keeping children cool.

Do look at safety - Name brands are quire reliable here. Kids don't think like adults, so they can get frustrated with shoelaces or tangled in a drawstring. Good quality brand children's clothing is easier to put on, using Velcro and big buttons, and far safer, avoiding choking hazards.

Do Take Suggestions From Kids - Give them a choice between different coloured items. But make sure the choice is between items that are appropriate. They will be more like to wear an item that they like, especially if they helped choose it. The child likes that sense of ownership.

Do buy a size larger if the item is not going to be worn till next season. But don't go too far with this. Clothing that is too big is awkward to wear, and perhaps dangerous. At the same time children outgrow the clothing very quickly. So a little larger today will be right in a month or two.