What To Wear In Australia

Australia may not be seen as a centre for world fashion clothing, but it has its own sense of style. Australian dress sense is often practical rather than fancy and decorative. Yet practicality and style need not be mutually exclusive. The hot Australian sun means it is practical to wear a hat. Our own sense of style means we buy or design a hat that looks good. The same principle goes for jackets and shoes. This is different to what they might wear in Europe or the snow covered countries, and equally valid in its own right.

In some ways this principle lends itself to diversity. Australia has everything from deserts and rainforests to snow covered mountains. We dress differently for such environments. And this leads to some diverse clothing options.


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In hot weather it is best to stick to light colours and light fabrics. These are cooler in two ways. They allow air to circulate over the body, and they do not trap heat. They should also soak up some sweat, keeping us dry. This prevents the discomfort of humidity - hot and wet.

In cold weather can be either have a completely different set of clothes, or we can add to the summer clothes by wearing a jacket or coat. Often we have a combination of these two approaches. The pants can be of thicker, warmer material, and then we wear a coat or long sleeve shirt over the lighter summer shirt, at least when outdoors.

Girls might wear dresses during summer. This is often quite comfortable in hotter weather. In winter this can be an issue for staying warm, as the legs tend to be uncovered. So long pants tend to be a better option in the cold.